About Me

Fred van der Kraaij

Fred van der Kraaij (FVDK) is an economist who earned his PhD (cum laude) at Tilburg University in 1983. He specialized in economics of African countries with special attention for the impact of foreign investments and for the political economy. His interest in human rights and the rule of law have led to the present website.
Fred van der Kraaij started his professional career in Bolivia, South America (1960s), lived in West Africa for over 16 years: in Liberia, Burkina Faso (former Upper Volta), Mali and Senegal, a region he first visited in1972; and in North America (USA) around the turn of the century. He maintains a popular website  Liberia Past and Present and publishes posts (formerly tweets) as @liberiapp and @FredVDKraaij.