Muti murder

“A muti murder is the killing of a person in order to use their body parts for muti, i.e. African medicine. The parts will often be taken from the victim alive. Genitals are often taken for fertility spells. Internal organs are often taken, as are breasts, hands and feet.

Often the sangoma will tell the client what parts are necessary for the spell, but will leave the deed up the to the client. Money often changes hands, and a complete stranger is seldom targeted. A family member or acquaintance is preferred.

Estimates of the number of muti murders range from one per month to one per day in South Africa alone. The Torso in the Thames case (2001) is thought to be the first muti murder in England.”

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The unsolved case of the torso in the Thames
(March 18, 2019; updated March 21, 2019)
Warning: Some readers may find this story disturbing

Filmmaker Oliver Becker’s documentary ‘Muti murders – ritual killings’ (shown at IDFA),
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