Nigeria: Letters to the editor: “How can ritual killings be curtailed?”

Published: July 18, 2018
By Bose Adelaja, Ebun Sessou & Abasifiok Johnson

Nigeria – Suspected ritualist – mob justice

“Ritual killings are becoming very common today. I think one of the ways to stop ritual killings is to empower our youths with vocational skills. With this, many of them would not be lured into ritual killing just to make quick money. Someone with a good source of living will find it difficult engaging in the act. Therefore, youth empowerment should be prioritised.”
Mr. Sola Mathew, Businessman

“It has to do with mindset and contentment. People should not give up. It is only when they give up that they see ritual killing as the last option. There are so many graduates out there doing menial jobs because of unemployment. People should keep trying and not give up. Let us develop and discover ourselves rather than engaging in ritual killings. People should believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.”
Mrs. Onabajo Tolu, Public Servant

“It is a menace that has become the order of the day due to neglect by government and security agencies.  I feel the government should seriously engage the youths in skills acquisition programmes to keep them away from being enticed with money because the victims are mostly ladies. The security agencies need to do more by investigating some individuals to know their source of income and curb this crime.”
Mr. Tony Ugwu, Youth leader

“Ritual killings can be curbed in our society if our leaders, especially those in government, can create more job opportunities and eradicate poverty, because the idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If selflessness is the order of the day, ritual killings will be curbed.  In addition, all spiritual leaders should preach against ritual killings.”
Mr. Martins Jide, Art teacher

“It can be curbed if we all will just have the fear of God. Sincerely, I don’t  know what else to say because I believe every means has been employed to curb ritual killings, all to no avail. I think the police should work harder in arresting some of the suspected ritual killers. They should not be executed nor granted bail but should be interrogated continuously till they open up and give the police all the information they need to fight the menace.”
Miss Oluwaseun Janet, Caterer

“I think ritual killings can be curbed by doing the following: First, there should be security in the country because most people perpetuate ritual killings due to inadequate security in most parts of the country. Second is the issue of employment. Government should provide employment for the citizens because the major reason for engaging in ritual killings is to make ends meet.”
Mr. Godwin Emmanuel, Student

Source: How can ritual killings be curtailed?
Vanguard, July 16, 2018, 5:28 PM

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