Nigeria: young lady murdered, heart, intestines removed

The original article shows very graphic photos of the victim (see ‘Source’ below).

Published: February 29, 2016
By: Isaac Dachen

Another young lady has fallen a victim of ritual killers as she was murdered and her heart and intestines removed.

The covered body of the victim.

The quest for money, wealth and power seems to have overtaken the reasoning of many people in this age as they can go to any length to get what they want, including killing their fellow human beings.

This was the case with these very disturbing photographs that were shared on Twitter over the weekend by a usere with the name Aliyu Kwarbai, where an an unfortunate young lady fell a victim of the mindless killers who murdered her, ripped open her stomach and removed the intestines as well as her heart which was also removed.

The gory incident was said to have happened in a community in the eastern part of Nigeria.

See the tweet here (two graphic photos removed – note from the webmaster FVDK):

Source: Young lady murdered, heart, intestines removed

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