Ho, Ghana: alleged killer of an 8-year-old girl arrested

Published: September 6, 2019
By: Ghana JoyNews Volta Region, regional correspondent Ivy Setordjie

A man in his late 30s has been arrested at Adaklu in the Volta region for the alleged murder of an 8-year-old girl, Shine Agyima in the Ho Central Municipality of the Volta region. 

According to the residents in Nyive where the girl was murdered, the suspect confessed to the killing.

He reportedly did this for ritual purposes. The JoyNews reporter explained, the suspect said he was instructed by a fetish priest to drink the blood of a girl in a ritual meant to bring him money.

The Mankrando of Nyive Togbe Apasu strongly believes the state of the victim’s body points to ritual murder. 

The suspect, according to the residents, stays not too far from family of the victim in Nyive. The family and residents of Nyive said they are living in fear as a result of the incident. They fear there are others in the community who may be targetting children for ritual murder.

The murder suspect

The mother of the girl Serwa Abalu said she is traumatized by the loss of her innocent daughter.

“I am a poor woman with no husband to help me and now they have killed my only daughter “ Serwa Abalu lamented.

The Togbe has pleaded with the police to make ensure that all persons connected to the crime are arrested and put before court.

The  Volta Regional Police PRO, Prince Dogbatseyi in an interview with JoyNews stated the investigation is ongoing to make sure that justice is given to the girl.

Source: Ho: alleged killer of an 8-year-old girl arrested