Zambia: mob in Solwezi kills suspected ritual killer

Whereas the dust has hardly settled down in Chingola (see my previous postings), another rumor led to rioting and mob justice. This time in Solwezi, in the northwest of the country. Whether true to not – the suspected crime – it is clear from what happened that the belief in the power of ritualistic murders remains widespread and undisputed. Also, mob justice and the incapacity of official authorities to maintain the law go hand-in-hand (webmaster FVDK).

Published: February 7, 2020
By: The Independent Observer – Mwape Mwesa 

A mob in Solwezi has killed unidentified man on suspicion that he was allegedly a ritual killer.

This was after the deceased was in the company of three others was apprehended a security guard after they attempted to break into one of the offices at Kimakolwe School.

Northwestern Province Police Commissioner Hudson Namachila has confirmed the incident that happened between 7:30 and 8:00 hours yesterday.

Mr Namachila said the security guard alerted members of the public who descended on the deceased hitting him with stones, sticks and planks.

He said the victim had multiple head injuries and his body has since been deposited in Solwezi general hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

No arrest has been made so far.

In a similar development a rioting mob set ablaze Kazomba Police Post destroying property whose value is yet to be ascertained.

Mr Namachila said Inspector Kabambi, the officer in charge at the said police post reported the matter on behalf of the Zambia Police Service.

He said the incident happened at 09:00 hours yesterday and no arrest has been made yet.

In another incident, a rioting mob assaulted a police officer at Solwezi central police station identified as Albert Mulunga 43.

The Provincial Police Chief said Mulunga was hit with a stone unknown people who were rioting at Kimakolwe School.

Mr Namachila said the officer sustained a deep cut on the back side of the head.

Source: Mob in Solwezi kills suspected ritual killer