Nigeria: Body of young woman found in Benin City (Edo State) with vital organs missing

The number of reported cases of ritualistic murders in Nigeria is countless. Not a week passes without another alleged or real case of ritual killing. Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country – its population going to 200 million people – which partly explains the high number of ritual murders, as compared to other African countries, but it also seems as if there is an explosion of these atrocities in recent months.

I cannot and will not include on this site every ritual killing case in Nigeria, the following merely illustrates the foregoing. Be that as it may, it goes without saying that we always have to be careful in interpreting every case of a corpse found with vital organs missing as a ritual killing case. Some ‘ordinary’ murders may be pretended to be ritual murders by the perpetrator(s) in order to mislead or confuse the police investigating the crime.
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Warning: the following articles contain graphic photos.

Body of young woman found in Benin, with vital organs missing

Published: October 2, 2018
By: Motolani Alake

The feet of the sadly mutilated young woman and right; the baby found beside her (Instagram/Instablog9ja).The graphic video does not play here.

A young woman has been found dead on Sapele Road, Amagba, Benin, Edo State fully dressed in an outgoing attire. Her vital organs were also missing when she was found.

She looked like she was the victim of an unfortunate incident of the underworld.

According to Instablog9ja, a plank, that could be the murder weapon was found on her head, alongside her bag, containing a bottle of perfume while a baby, was also found beside her body.
In worrying circumstances, that includes a graphic video circling the internet, the lady was found to have had certain vital organs missing, indicating mutilation, potentially pointing to a ritual killing.

The beautiful, light-skinned lady was dressed in a dark gown and bright red shoes when she met her unfortunate ending at the ends of men of the underworld.

In the video, men who recorded the now viral video can be heard saying. “Na hustle the girl hustle.” Nobody knows whether she was truly a hustler, and it is immaterial at this time, but nobody deserves this.

This continues the recent trend of women being victims of violent crimes in Benin, along that road. A few months ago, a lady, believed to be a sex worker, was found in similar circumstances on that road, in what looks like a ritual killing.

The people of Edo State, please be careful during these trying times.

Source: Body of young woman found in Benin, with vital organs missing 

Lady killed by ritualists in Benin Edo State seen smiling moments before gruesome murder

Published: October 3, 2018
By: Naija

Here is an update on a young lady that was murdered in a gruesome manner in Benin City Edo State few days ago.

The lady whose name is yet to be revealed reportedly snapped a photo and uploaded it online hours before she fell into the hands of the underworld who stoned her to death in a remote area in Amagba axis of Benin city.

Those who knew her said she left behind a baby.

A man who recorded the video said she as a hustler who happened to fall in the hands of ritualists.

Whether she is a hustler or not at is immaterial at this time because no one deserves this type of wickedness.

May her soul rest in piece.

(graphic photo omitted).

Source: Photos: Lady killed by ritualists in Benin Edo State seen smiling moments before gruesome murder

Mother-of-one found mutilated along a bush in Edo State (Photos)

Published: October 2, 2018
By: Kikelomo Joseph A young lady has been founded dead after her killers mutilated her and dumped the remains along a bush part in Edo State.

The sad discovery was made, yesterday, along Sapele road, Amagba, Benin, Edo State.

The would-be murder weapon is thought to be a plank as it was found lying across her face.

According to reports, the deceased left a baby behind. The circumstances surrounding her death remain unknown, but her bag and perfume were found close to her body.

Source: Mother-of-one found mutilated along a bush in Edo State (Photos)

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