Angola / Namibia: girlfriend lives in fear after alleged ritual murder

Egidius Kayangula has been brutally murdered. His mutilated body was found floating in the Okavango river along the border between Angola and Namibia. Reportedly, marijuana played a role in his trip to the border region. However, it has not been confirmed by the police that ‘dagga’ played a role in his violent death.

What we know are the facts: his dead body, when found, missed his eyes, tongue and testicles and he had cuts all over his neck and arms. Was it foul play linked to disagreement over a drug transaction and is the mutilated body just intended to be a cover-up? Or indeed was it ritual murder which cost Egidius Kayangula (35) his life? After all, it is not the first time that reports of ritual murders emerge in this region, see my post dated June 30, 2021.

His girlfriend is in tears over the loss of her boy-friend. Moreover, she is afraid that those who are responsible for her boy-friend’s death may come back to kill her or her children since they may want to eliminate her as a witness to the gruesome crime.  

As soon as more news will be released related to this alleged ritual murder the reader will be informed (webmaster FVDK).

Girlfriend lives in fear after alleged ritual murder

Ester Sindimba fears for her life, since her boyfriend’s alleged ritual killers are still at large

Published: October 26, 2021
By: Petrus Muronga – The Namibian

THE girlfriend of a man whose maimed body was found floating in the Okavango River along the Angolan border last week says she fears for her life and those of their children, as the alleged killers are still at large.

The body of Egidius Kayangula (35) was found floating in the river two days after he and a friend crossed the river into Angola on 9 October to buy alcohol. 

Kayangula’s girlfriend, Ester Sindimba, says prior to the incident, she and Kayangula joined a man known only as ‘Sikongo’ and his girlfriend for a day at the river.

Sikongo drove them to a certain village to collect two bags of dagga, which he confessed to be selling.

“After that, we went to eat lunch and then went to the river. Upon reaching the river, I heard Sikongo’s girlfriend talking on the phone with someone in Angola. My boyfriend mentioned that their drinks were finished, upon which which Sikongo suggested we should order some whisky from the same guy his girlfriend called,” Sindimba says.

She says the merchant was then called, but took a while to deliver the goods. 

Sikongo finally saw a man approaching the beach and suggested that he and Kayangula go to meet the man.

By this time it was dark already, Sindimba says. 

“They didn’t come back, and then Sikongo’s friend said they may have been arrested by the Angolan police. He suggested that we go to a certain bar to wait for them, because it was getting late,” she says.

Upon reaching the bar, Sindimba says Sikongo’s friend received a call from him, saying they were indeed stopped by the police, but have been released.

“When he was back, Sikongo approached me asking where my boyfriend is. I was surprised and asked him where my boyfriend was since they were released together, but he kept saying Kayangula escaped from the police,” she says. 

Upon hearing that her son could not be found, Kayangula’s mother and Sindimba started crying, Sindimba says, as they knew something was wrong.

They went to the river the next day to trace his footprints, but found nothing, she says.

Members of the public finally found Kayangula’s maimed body two days later.

His eyes, tongue and testicles had been removed, and he had cuts all over his neck and arms.

“Now I fear for my life and those of my kids. It seems they wanted me dead so I could not speak about what happened to my boyfriend,” Sindimba says.

Her mother, Josephine Hamatwi, says Sikongo’s girlfriend and her friend allegedly threatened to beat them up. 

The deceased’s family has reported the case to the police and believes it was a ritual killing.

They believe Sikongo’s phone calls should be investigated.

“They have killed him,” Kayangula’s brother Olavi Paulus says. 

He believes the police are not doing enough to investigate his brother’s death.

Sikongo has been detained by the police for questioning, but has since been released.

Deputy commissioner Andreas Shilelo, the head of the police’s Special Field Force in the Kavango East region, says there is a possibility of the Namibian Police collaborating with the police in Angola, but the case should be investigated by the Angolan police first, since the incident took place in Angola.

Source: Girlfriend lives in fear after alleged ritual murder