Nigerian kills Nigerian girlfriend in Ghana for money ritual

Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country. With a population estimated at over 200 million people it is not surprising that Nigeria ranks high in the list of countries where people are murdered for ritualistic reasons or in a ritual way, including the performance of rituals believed to bring or enhance political power, economic or financial wealth, good health to the perpetrator(s) and/or conspirator(s). It is my estimation that Nigeria is Number One on the African continent when it comes to ritualistic murders, locally referred to as ‘money rituals’.

Not all ritual murders are discovered whereas not all murders which seem to be ritual murders are true ritual murders. Perpetrators may hide traces or create circumstances intended to mislead investigators. Hence we have to be always careful when reading about reported cases of ritual murders.

That being said, a case is being reported of a Nigerian residing in Ghana who killed his girlfriend for ‘money ritual’. Read the following report.

Warning: Some people may find the following story and/or the video disturbing because of the explicit contents (webmaster FVDK).

Nigerian kills Nigerian girlfriend in Ghana for money ritual

..Any Nigerian that commits a crime in any country, the law of the land should take its course, says NiDCOM

Published: November 30, 2022
By: Per Second News

In his desperate get-rich-quick bid, a Nigerian, whose identity is still unknown,  has killed his girlfriend, a Nigerian, in Accra, Ghana.

According to reports, the “lover boy” beheaded the girl at Spintex, Accra, the  Ghanian capital, to use her body parts for money ritual.

Just before dismembering her body, Police on a tip-off, swooped on the house and arrested the man, a report reaching Persecondnews said.

A video of his arrest which also showed the moment the corpse of the girl was recovered by the police, was shared on Facebook by a user identified as Smile Baba.

He had commented: “Very sad development this afternoon. I have just arrived from a crime scene here in Accra, Ghana, where a Nigerian young man beheaded his Nigerian girlfriend in Spintex, Accra, Ghana.

“My question is, who actually lies to these young boys and girls that money rituals truly exist?

“Ladies, you have to be careful of who you trust; it doesn’t matter how calm the man looks. Just be careful.”

Contacted for his comment, the spokesman for the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Mr Abdur-Rahmam Balogun, said: “Our stand is that any Nigerian that commits a crime, let the law of the land take its course.

“The Nigerian government has no role to play in such instance. If you go to another man’s land and commit a crime, the law of the land will always take its course.

“So, we always advise Nigerians to be good ambassadors wherever they find themselves. I have not watched the video and we have not been petitioned.”

Source: Nigerian kills Nigerian girlfriend in Ghana for money ritual


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