Uganda: parents arrested for killing their child in ritual sacrifice

Warning: the following may upset the reader because of the graphic details

A gruesome act. Parents who torture and kill their child in cold blood. Allegedly for ritualistic purposes. Why? It’s a mind-blowing question.
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Parents Arrested for Killing Their Child in Ritual Sacrifice

One of the suspects, Bosco Gudo, after being arrested

Published: August 19, 2022
By: Wambuzi Reacheal – Uganda Radio Network

Police in Kiira region on Friday confirmed the arrest of Bosco Gudo and his wife Eseza Musasizi over the killing of their  two and a half-year-old son Jordan Kitimbo sacrificial  rituals. 

32 year old Gudo and his wife Musasizi aged 21 years, both residents of Buwolelo village, in Buwenge sub-county, in Jinja district, are reported to have killed their son on Thursday.

The suspects are reported to have peeled off part of their son’s skin, extracted unknown quantities of blood in a bowl and immersed his lifeless body in hot water, as a means of covering up their crime. 

They later covered his remains in clean bedsheets before rushing them to Buwenge general hospital mortuary.

Their actions raised suspicion amongst residents who informed police, that in turn mounted a search in the house, where they recovered human parts suspected to be part of the deceased’s body.  

Perepetwa Namukose, a resident in the area, says that there was no reported fire outbreak at their neighbor’s house, yet the parents claimed that the toddler had succumbed to fire burns. “Our houses are close to each other, so it was hard for us to believe that Gudo’s son would succumb to burns, without any of us noticing anything,” Namukose says.  

On his part, the Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi stresses that available reports indicate that these suspects have been mistreating Kitimbo, despite numerous cautioning from community members. 

Mubi says a team of detectives has been dispatched to expedite inquiries into the matter, adding that the suspects are being detained at Buwenge central police station. 

Source: Parents Arrested for Killing Their Child in Ritual Sacrifice