‘Ghost’ sparks stampede at a school in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

The following article (posted below) is not about a ritual killing. It is, however, linked to a basic ingredient of a ritualistic act: the belief in the supernatural.

One may argue that there’s nothing against believing in the (power of the) supernatural, in the sense that supernatural stands for (something) caused by forces that cannot be explained by science. However, it is more than a philosophical question what the difference is between religion and superstition.

Be that as it may, generally speaking, ghosts and evil spirits are considered being supernatural.

This is what the following story is about. It happened in Chitungwiza, a village in Zimbabwe. Reportedly, a ghost was spotted in a school in said village after which the children panicked and ran away causing a stampede in which one child perished.

To conclude this introduction, it’s interesting to note that the article mentions that: ‘Cases of suspected satanism in Zimbabwe’s schools are common (….)’

Ghost’ Sparks Stampede At A School In Chitungwiza

Published: February 13, 2024
By: Pindula News, Zimbabwe

A Grade Four learner at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza, Chitungwiza was injured as the children were fleeing from what they thought was a “ghost”.

The object, which learners claim was in the form of a woman, was allegedly spotted seated on the table.

Learners from Grade 4 Yellow ran away in terror and one of the learners ended up being taken to a clinic after she was injured in the stampede.

According to H-Metro, parents and guardians gathered to collect their children, with one parent being arrested when police intervened. Said one parent:

There should be something frightening our children at school.
They were disturbed after a shadow-like image, in the form of a woman, was spotted seated on the table forcing both the teacher and children to flee from the classroom.

Nothing was seen after other teachers and students gathered to see where the shadowy figure was spotted.
We strongly suspect that one of the staff members dabbles in Satanism.

Officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education were informed and district education officials, led by one only identified as Kureva, visited the school. Said Kureva:

We came to collect information about the case and we are yet to compile a report and submit it to the authorities.

I am not in a position to comment, it is best to check with the Ministry later after we submit our report.

Cases of suspected Satanism in Zimbabwe’s schools are common and authorities have seemingly failed to find a lasting solution to prevent the disruption of lessons by such occurrences.

Source: “Ghost” Sparks Stampede At A School In Chitungwiza