Nigeria: Muslim Group dissociates members from ritual killings in Iwoland (Osun State)

Iwoland refers to the territory covered by the Iwo Kingdom. The Iwo Kingdom is a traditional state based on the city of Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria.

Osun State is one of Nigeria’s 36 states. It is located in southwestern Nigeria and with a population of about 5 million people it is Nigeria’s nineteenth most populous state (whereas it is the ninth smalles in area). The total population of Nigeria is an estimated 200 million people. 
Ogun State’s main ethnic group is Yoruba including Bolo, Igbomina, Ijesha and Oyo subgroups. Ogun State has a large Christian and Muslim population as well as people who are traditional believers. (webmaster FVDK)

Muslim Group Dissociates Members From Ritual Killings In Iwo Community

Published: December 4, 2022
By: Adeolu Adeyemo Oso – Nigerian Tribune

Organisation of Iwoland Muslims for Societal Responsibilities on Sunday dissociated its members from the spate of ritual killings and other criminal acts being carried out by some unknown persons in the town.

The group which condemned the inhumane act in a communique issued and signed by Sheikh Musakalimullah Olaitan after its meeting pointed out that if any Islamic clerics get involved, they should not be spared in facing the penalty.

He thereafter called on security agencies to fish out those that might have been responsible for the untoward acts and bring them to book.

“The security agencies should double their efforts in searching for the perpetrators of the past incidences in protecting future occurrences.

“The security agencies are hereby advised to ensure that identities of perpetrators are revealed, whenever they are caught and be punished accordingly, no matter how highly placed in the society.

“Members of the communities are also enjoined to work and cooperate with the security agencies in curbing this menace, by alerting the relevant authorities whenever evil men are suspected around their environments.

“Members of the organisation and indeed all religious leaders across Iwoland are by this release enjoined to always preach against the ritual and other gatherings in accordance with the teachings of Qur’an.”

Sheikh Musakalimullah added that preaching against the act should also be carried out all their respective mosques, schools and other gatherings in accordance with the teachings of Quran and sunnah.

“Also, the government and those in the judicial circle should not relent in righting all wrongs concerning the matter,” he stressed.

Source: Muslim Group Dissociates Members From Ritual Killings In Iwo Community


Expose ritual killers in Iwo, group tells police

Published: December 4, 2022
By: Punch, Nigeria

Security agents in Osun State, have been challenged to expose those behind ritual killings in Iwo town, regardless of their status, in a bid to stop the barbaric act.

This demand was made in Iwo town on Sunday by a group, the Organisation of Iwoland Muslims for Societal Responsibilities, at a press conference held at Iwo Central Mosque.

The group, in a communique signed by its Secretary, Sheikh Musakalimullah Abdlhadi, but read by Dr Abdulaziz Bello, also declared that killing for ritual henceforth should not be associated with Muslim clerics in the community, adding that a true believer would not engage in such activities. 

The communique further read, “The organisation frowns at, and condemns the rampant and incessant act of ritual killings in Iwoland. We also frown on associating the evil act of the ritual killings with the Muslim clerics in Iwoland.

“The Organisation, therefore, calls on the security agencies to double their efforts in searching for the perpetrators of past incidences. The security agencies are by this release called upon to ensure that the identities of perpetrators are disclosed whenever any of such are caught and that they are brought to book, no matter how high in status, including any Islamic clerics involved.

“Members of the communities are also enjoined to work and cooperate with the security agencies in curbing this menace, by alerting the relevant authorities whenever any evil acts or evil men are suspected around.”

Source: Expose ritual killers in Iwo, group tells police

“I’ll declare traditional war against ritual killings if FG fails to address menace” – Oluwo of Iwoland (Nigeria)

It is not the first time that the traditional ruler of Iwoland (Osun state), Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi speaks out against ritual killings in Nigeria. On May 19 of the current year he alleged that some traditional rulers are behind the ritual killings in their domains in Nigeria. See my May 21, 2019 posting. A shocking accusation and an interesting development. What drives the Oluwo the make these sensational accusations against his fellow-rulers – apart from his feeling of justice?
We will follow further developments and keep the readers of the present website informed as soon as more news emerges. (webmaster FVDK)

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi

Published: August 9, 2019
By: Victor Ogunyinka – Vanguard (Nigeria) 

Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has challenged the federal government, FG, of Nigeria for their negligence in tackling incessant ritual killings in the west, claiming ritualism is deadlier than kidnapping in the zone.

The monarch lamented daily loss of innocent individuals to ritualists, urging federal government to dissipate equal concentration to ritual killings as done to kidnapping and bokoharam fightings.

Oluwo disclosed this yesterday while hosting the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Operations, Force Headquarters, Abuja, Abdulmajid Ali in his palace as further reiterated in a press statement by the monarch’s press secretary, Alli Ibraheem.

Oluwo declared an open traditional war will be stage against ritual killers if federal government fail to address his outcry and curtail the menace.

The monarch condemned the ritual killings menace as uncultured, barbaric, callousness, Ungodly, inhumane and an affront on right to lives, stating the refusal to declared war and criminalize such act by the federal government is worrisome to his stool.

He said ritual killings should be vehemently fought more than the war against Boko Haram and kidnapping, called for urgent enactment of fatal penalty for perpetrators of ritual killings.

Oluwo further discredited the claim by some traditionalists relating ritual killings with culture as desecration of tradition itself, saying no culture accept human as sacrifice.

The statement reads: “It saddens no attention is paid to ritual killings by the federal government. Thousands fall victim of ritual on daily basis but regrettably, no one condemns such. I’m not happy with the neglect of my outcry on daily killings of my sons and daughters by ritualists. These people are deadlier than Boko Haram and kidnappers.

“I’m appealing to federal government to declare war against ritual killings. Strict penalty like death should be meted on any one culpable. Killers should be killed. Killing is not a forgivable offence. If the FG refuses, I will declare an open traditional war against ritualists.

“The Afeniferes, OPCs, Agbekoyas and other pan Yoruba cultural groups should join the revolution against ritual killings. Many gave gone to the journey of no return in the hands of ritual killers. It is pathetic, sad and calls for urgent legislation. Ritual killing is decimating our population daily. Must we continue watching the menace? Those in the government are not seeing what we see. Ritual murders is prevalent on the south west, south east. We must rise before it claim all out promising sons and daughters.

“I want to state it clearly here that killing human for rituals is not Yoruba culture. It is alien to our culture. Yoruba culture is pure, clean and attractive. Look at my dress, it is enticing, fascinating, ostentatious and attractive. Only the ignorance and enemies of Yoruba culture will relate ritual killings to Yoruba culture.

“Bible, Quran and traditionalists should not justify offering human for rituals. Clean religious clerics and traditionalists should join my preaching,” the monarch said.

Oluwo appealed to Nigerian citizens to exercise fear of God in their conducts.

Source: I’ll declare traditional war against killings if FG fails to address menace – Oluwo

Iwo is a City in Osun State, Nigeria that is the seat of the Iwo Kingdom, a traditional state