Ghana, Mampong ritual killing: ‘The spiritualist told us to bring a pure virgin’ – murderers

Below you’ll find the mind-blowing account of the murder of a 33-year old woman, Akosua Nyantakyiwa, for money ritual. Four men have been arrested and are being interrogated including a brother of the late Akosua Nyantakyiwa and a spiritualist, Kwasi Boateng.

It is incomprehensible that young men engage in these cruelties which have no place in the 21st century. If true that the spiritualist arrested encouraged the three other youngsters to commit this heinous crime, it seems inevitable to raise questions about the legality of the former’s practices (webmaster FVDK). 

Mampong ritual killing: ‘The spiritualist told us to bring a pure virgin’ – murderers speak

Published: October 1, 2021
By: Adu Sarpea -ghBase, Ghana

Four persons have been arrested in connection with the murder of a 33-year-old woman who was killed at Kyirafaso, a suburb in Asante Mampong last week.

According to Addai Brobey, Kessben Media’s reporter in Mampong, the four during police interrogations confessed to killing Akosua Nyantakyiwa for money rituals.

Amongst the four men arrested include, Yaw Sarpong a brother of the deceased. Investigations revealed he led his other friends into the operation. The other three are Kwasi Boateng, a spiritualist, Kwaku Poku, a very close friend of Yaw Sarpong and Inusah Yakubu.

According to the police, Nyantakyiwa was misled by his brother, Yaw Sarpong to meet a herbalist for some herbs as she had apparently complained of an ailment.

When Akosua Nyantakyiwa got to where she was supposed to meet the herbalist for the herbs, the friends of Yaw Sarpong caught her and took her blood while murdering her.

The accomplices told the Mampong Police that they needed the blood of a pure virgin woman for the money rituals.

Yaw Sarpong who is a brother of the late Nyantakyiwa swiftly informed his friends about her sister’s virgin status and they run the operation. The four have since been processed to court for prosecution.

Source: Mampong Ritual Kïllïng: The spiritualist told us to bring a pure virgin – Mürdëřeŕs speak