Zimbabwe: Stranger Than Fiction – Body Parts Retrieved 41yrs Later

The following article contains an interesting glimpse into a micro-world of superstition, murder – ritual murder – , traditional practices and social codes. It also shows that the phenomenon of ritualistic killings is old. Even before the cited 1982 case these traditional, criminal and revolting practices occurred in Zimbabwe (as in other countries).

Hence, so far no news. But isn’t it time that these ancient practices disappear? There’s no place for ritualistic murders and related crimes in the 21st century.
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Stranger Than Fiction – Body Parts Retrieved 41yrs Later

Published: April 2, 2023

THE popularly used ‘stranger than fiction’ phrase was brought to life this afternoon in Mutasa after the alleged private parts of a man who was allegedly murdered for rituals 41 years ago were retrieved from under a disused shop.

When The Manica Post news crew arrived, hundreds of villagers in Maondo Village and other neighbouring villages under Chief Mutasa had come out in their numbers to witness the retrieval of  private parts, eyes and tongue which were alleged to the late Tukai Kujeke’s from the Dangarembwa shop at Maondo Business Centre.

Kujeke was allegedly murdered in 1982 and buried with missing body parts.

It is alleged that he was murdered by Oneday Manyarara and James Dangarembwa, who are both now late and whose families appeased Kujeke’s avenging spirit with seven cattle each this afternoon.

Led by Nyanga traditional healer, Sekuru Shingirai Mukotsanjera, the retrieval team found the parts in a small calabash, about two metres deep just outside the Dangarembwa shop.

Afterwards, the body parts were taken to the cemetery where Kujeke’s body was buried and were also placed in his grave to rest with his body.

The shop, which has been unused for years, is alleged to have been haunted by the late Kujeke’s spirit since the 80s.

Source: Dead man’s privates retrieved from shop, reburied

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