Zimbabwe: ritual killings of kids on the rise following Tapiwa Makore murder

The Makore murder case has become one of Zimbabwe’s most notorious ritual killing cases in the country’s recent history. I reported extensively on this revolting crime in September and October last year. See e.g. my postings dated September 24, ‘Zimbabwe: Murewa boy murdered in ritual killing, body parts missing’; October 1, ‘Full details of Murewa ritual killing revealed‘; October 2, ‘Murewa ritual killing: President Mnangagwa decries evil act‘; October 3, ‘Murehwa ritual killer speaks about the Tapiwa Makore murder in his own words‘; October 4, ‘One week after the ritual murder of 7-year old Tapiwa Makore‘; October 12, ‘Rtual murder unites nation‘ and ‘Murehwa ritual killing: N’anga speaks on Murehwa boy’s murder‘; October 18, ‘Murehwa ritual murder: Police quiz n’anga‘. 
My last posting on this murder case dates from October 26, 2020, ‘Latest news on the ritual murder of Tapiwa Makore‘. After that date more has been published on the murder of the 7-year old boy. However, I ceased temporarily covering this case. I will continue following the Makore murder case and the trial of the accused and report back to you after more news will have come available.

More ritual murder cases have been reported recently whereas – as I have said repeatedly – discovered or reported cases are just the tip of the iceberg. I fear that most cases remain unknown to the outside world, even within the country.

The following report is worrisome. It confirms a disturbing trend which, unfortunately, I already signaled in February: Zimbabwe: a surge in ritual murders?

According to the report presented below, ritual killings of kids are on the rise after the Tapiwa Makore ritual murder. To listen to the report, click on the link below the screenshot. More in the next few days (webmaster FVDK).

Screenshot – click the link below (‘Source’) to watch the video (2:19 minutes).
Zinatha stands for Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association 

Source: Ritual Killings of Kids On The Rise Following Tapiwa Makore Murder

Published: April 22, 2021
By: ZimEye, The Truth & the Future