Nigeria: Ogun State Police Chief on how to tackle ritual killing in the state

On December 31, January 1, January 2 and January 3 I paid attention to the scourge of ritual murders in Ogun State. The present posting is on the same topic and focuses on the authorities’ intention to tackle this evil.

Ogun State is by far not the only Nigerian state where ritual murders are committed and organ harvesting takes place. See yesterday’s posting. It is not possible to include on the present site all reported or suspected cases of ritualistic killings in Nigeria, locally called ‘money rituals’. There are just too many. In the past year I have started making an inventory by state and if time and space allow I will report here on the incidence of these often gruesome crimes in each of the 36 Nigerian states.

Nigeria is Africa’s giant. The country can boast of the continent’s biggest economy and no other country has a population which even approaches that of Nigeria. Africa’s number 2, population-wise, is Ethiopia with an estimated population of 128 million, slightly more than half of the size of the Nigerian population, an estimated 226 million (2023 data).

Unfortunately, Nigeria also is the country where presumably the incidence of ritual killings is the highest in Africa. (webmaster FVDK)

Nigeria: Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, speaks on the challenges of policing in the state and how the command is tackling ritual killing 

Published: January 9, 2024
By: Dare Olawin and Johnson Idowu – Punch, Nigeria

Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu

Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alamutu, speaks on the challenges of policing in the state and how the command is tackling insecurity in this interview with Dare Olawin and Johnson Idowu

It has been a challenging period but the challenges are not peculiar to Ogun State alone, generally, there is insecurity across the country. From the available records I met when I came on board, Ogun State is still faring better compared to what is portrayed in some sections of the media. We are all aware of the insecurity in the country and Ogun State cannot exist in isolation, it is part of the country.

The major security issues facing Ogun State are kidnapping, cultism, and ritual killings but be it as it may, we are faring better compared to what was applicable in the past.


There are reported cases of ritual killings in some parts of the state. How do you intend to tackle it?

The issue of ritual killing has started rearing its ugly face again in Ogun. We have recorded two ugly incidences in recent times and ritual by the nature of the trade, is never something that is done in the open. Oftentimes, it is after they have perfected the act that we get to know except in some rare cases when they are in the preparatory stage.

Most times, they would have carried out their vicious act before we got to know but that also requires more sensitisation to let people know that they cannot make money from it. Nobody can make money out of ritual killings, it is just a myth. The so-called herbalists often time tell those who want to do ritual to bring human heads in a bid to discharge them. But someone who is bent on doing the ritual will go to any length even if it involves chopping off their mother’s head.

At the end of the day, it does not work. They just go about wasting people’s lives. So, on the issue of ritual killings, we are going to do more sensitisation so that people will get to understand that it is just a myth. The only way to make money is through hard work.

Generally, Ogun State is calm except for the unfortunate incident that we had recently concerning the murder of the Director of Finance in November.

Have you been able to make any arrests concerning the murder of the Ogun State Director of Finance?

I just mentioned it as part of the challenges we are facing but I wouldn’t want to talk about it because it is an ongoing investigation and we can not divulge our effort to the public but I can assure the public that investigation is ongoing and we will definitely bring the perpetrators to justice.

Are you assuring the people of Ogun State that there will be no repeat of such incidents?

Crime will continue to happen. It is only in Utopia that they have a perfect state. There will always be crime but our own responsibility is to put in deterrent measures but where the people are so bold to commit crime, our duty is to get them apprehended. The deployment you would have observed around basically are deterring in nature but if someone thinks they can try our will by coming out to commit any crime, we will get them.


Source: Police compiling names of notorious land grabbers in Ogun – CP

Map of Nigeria showing Ogun State among the 36 states of the Federation