Sierra Leone: villagers protest alleged plan to reinstate chiefs accused of ritual murder

Governments, state authorities and legal institutions are obliged to protect the life, property and honor of citizens, in conformity with the mandate that they have received. In many traditional societies it is not done to criticize the authorities. However, luckily, times are changing. In Sierra Leone the population of Gherihun village in Baoma chiefdom, in the south of the country, have protested the alleged planned return of three chiefs whom they accused of involvement in ritual murders. 

Read the story below. It’s a plea for the rule of law.

Suspected ritual murders should stand trial, and if found guilty sent to prison. However, if not found guilty after an impartial trial, the accused should be allowed to re-start their lives (webmaster FVDK).

Villagers protest alleged plan to reinstate chiefs accused of ritual murder

Published: June 16, 2020
By: Politico SL – Newman Antony Levey (in Bo)

Source: Villagers protest alleged plan to reinstate chiefs accused of ritual murder

Suspected ritual killings in Baoma Chiefdom, Sierra Leone

Another case of suspected ritual murder in southern Sierra Leone. On May 19, a mutilated body was found, ‘with missing parts’. The latter description is enough to arouse suspicion. Everywhere in the region people have the same reaction after a body has been found ‘with several parts missing’. In this case, tongue, palm, private parts. The deceased was identified as one Moseray. His cruel death coincides with the disappearance of a 75-year man, Sorie Kargbo, missing since May 18. 

It is not the first time the Police are investigating a suspected case of ritualistic murder. Open cases still being investigated are the death of Morrison Kpaka, the disappearance of a boy and an Okada rider. Resident in the area are increasingly getting worried.

The question arises whether really nobody has a piece of information. After all, ritualistic murders often imply complices and very often the involvement of relatives or other people who are close to the victim.
(webmaster FVDK).

“Ritual murder” in southern Sierra Leone

Bo, Regional Police Headquarters

Published: May 28, 2020
By: Newman Anthony Levey – Politico SL

Source: “Ritual murder” in southern Sierra Leone