Video: Murehwa ritual killer speaks about the Tapiwa Makore murder in his own words (Zimbabwe)

Warning: the following articles on the muti (or muthi) murder of 7-year old Tapiwa Makore contain graphic details which may shock the reader (webmaster FVDK).

Murehwa ritual killer speaks about the Tapiwa Makore murder in his own words

Published: September 30, 2020
By: iHarare – Tim E. Ndoro 

The horrific premeditated murder of seven-year-old Tapiwa Makore from Murehwa for ritual purposes has shocked the country. While cases of ritual killings are reported from time to time, this one has shocked many due to the frequent updates as well as gory photos and details about the murder (bold letter type and italics added by the webmaster).

Tapiwa Makore Senior is accused of murdering his nephew, a 7-year old boy. 

Tapiwa’s 57-year-old uncle, Tapiwa Makore Senior has since been arrested for the ritual murder which was carried out in Makore Village, Murehwa under Chief Mangwende. Tapiwa Makore Senior is alleged to have instructed his herdsman, Tafadzwa Shamba to kidnap the boy and to murder him for ritual purposes.

40-year-old Tafadzwa Shamba was the first to be arrested for the murder. Following questioning by the police, Shamba implicated his employer leading to the arrest of Tapiwa’s uncle.

Since his arrest last week, Shamba has been cooperating with the authorities and giving them the full details of what transpired on the fateful day. During an inspection in loco on Tuesday, Shamba revealed how his boss had joined the search party during the day while fully knowing that his nephew had been plied with alcohol and that he was sleeping in his house. After the search party was called off for the day, Makore senior then instructed Shamba to carry out the murder. He even held the torch to provide illumination to allow his herdsmen to murder his nephew in cold blood.

You can watch a video of Tafadzwa Shamba speaking in his own words detailing how the two of them carried out the ritual killing.

Murehwa Ritual Killing Suspect Tafadzwa Shamba (Image Credit: Herald/Zimpapers Images)
Screenshot. To watch the video click here

Meanwhile, Tapiwa Makore Senior appeared before Murehwa magistrate Chiedza Gatsi at the Murehwa Magistrate’s Court today facing charges of murdering his nephew.

He was denied bail and was remanded in custody to October 13, 2020.

Source: WATCH: Murehwa Ritual Killer Speaks About The Tapiwa Makore Murder In His Own Words

Murehwa ritual killing: victim’s uncle remanded in custody

Published: October 1, 2020
By: IHarare – Chris T. Matambanadzo

Makore and his co-accused Tafadzwa Shamba who is his herdsman were remanded in custody to October 13 when they appeared before Murehwa magistrate Ms. Chiedza Gatsi facing charges of murder.

Makore is the elder brother to the late boy’s father.

The court heard that on September 17 at around midday, Shamba reportedly proceeded to a garden which Tapiwa (junior) was watching over. It is alleged Makore had given Shamba the keys to his earlier in the day.

Shamba lured the deceased young boy to Makore’s house where he detained him in the living room after feeding him sadza.

Makore was alerted that the young boy was missing and joined others in searching for him until midnight to remove any suspicion. He later returned to his homestead and found the boy asleep under the watchful eye of Shamba.

At around 1 AM the duo carried the boy to a secluded area where they butchered him. The boy’s uncle allegedly pinned the boy to the ground while Shamba used a knife to cut off the head, arms, and limbs.

The limbs and arms were put in a different pack which Makore carried whilst Shamba carried a pack containing the abdomen and head. The abdomen was dumped near Mr. Summer Murwira’s homestead, but Shamba took the other parts to Makore’s homestead.

Later that same day, Murwira discovered the abdomen which was being eaten by his dogs.

It is also alleged that on the same day, Shamba removed his blood-stained pair of trousers and placed them in Makore’s kitchen hut.

On September 20, detectives recovered the pair of trousers belonging to the deceased after searching Makore’s house.

On September 23, Shamba was arrested and a search was conducted in his bedroom, leading to the recovery of a white blood-stained vest.

He confessed to committing the murder with Makore.

Source: Murehwa Ritual Killing: Victim’s Uncle Remanded In Custody

Ghana: police catch fetish priest red-handed preparing little girl for ritual sacrifice (video)

A mysterious message and video. Allegedly, police in Ghana caught a fetish priest red-handed while he was preparing a young girl for ritual sacrifice. It sounds too crazy to be true. However, unfortunately, in the world of lunatics and criminals nothing seems impossible when it comes to ritualistic murders and other superstitious acts.  

I include this message for the record, not because I am convinced it is true, but – as I said above – nothing seems to be impossible. It is not clear where this happened.

To watch the video please go to the original site. I do not include it here. It may be that, after some time, the video is no longer accessible. Let it be.
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Police catch fetish priest red-handed preparing little girl for ritual sacrifice (video)

Police catch fetish priest red-handed attempting to kill little girl for rituals (video)

Published: June 22, 2020
By: Pulse, Ghana – Andreas Kamasah

The timely intervention of police officers following a tipoff saved a little girl from being murdered by a ritualist for sacrifice.

A goose bump-triggering video circulating online shows the said ritualist being surrounded by police officers and some residents as he is made to resuscitate the young girl who he had already hypnotised and made unconscious for offering to his gods.

In the video, the ritualist is seen jumping over the motionless girl a number of times amidst chants to revive her before she regains her consciousness, screams and wakes up from a red carpet she had been laid on.

It is not clear immediately where the terrifying incident happened.

The video was posted on Instagram by nostorytv with a captioned: “This ritualist kidnapped this young girl for rituals. Unfortunately for him, someone saw him and followed him. On the point of killing the girl, the police arrived.“

After the girl regained consciousness and walked into the arms of a woman believed to be her mother, the ritualist was then pushed into a stationary car believed to belong to the police and driven away ostensibly to the police station for further interrogation.

Watch the video below:

The picture shows a screenshot from the video. To watch the original video, please click the link in the source (below), if still available. 

Source: Police catch fetish priest red-handed preparing little girl for ritual sacrifice (video)