Uganda: some reflections on human sacrifice

Human sacrifice is a widespread phenomenon in Uganda while some specific regions are notoriously known for their ritualistic killings. Yesterday, November 5, I posted an article on the sentencing of a man from Mayunge District who had killed his son for personal gain in 2017, and the day before, on November 4, I posted an article on a mother in the Kiira region who had killed two of her children, also for ritual purposes. These are not isolated cases as the following demonstrates.

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Two witchdoctors in the Kamuli District were arrested earlier this year, suspected of a ritual child sacrifice while in Luwero District on January 7 an 8-year boy was kidnapped from his family’s courtyard and found back without head, fingers and toes. In November 2022 two men from Kayunga District were found guilty of child sacrifice committed in 2009. Within Uganda the Kayunga District has earned the dubious reputation of being one of the most notorious killing places.

Kayunga District shares this reputation with the Kiira region (Wakisi District, Central Region). The most recent ritual murder case in this region is the one reported above but also in August 2022 a man and his wife in Jinja District were arrested for killing their child in a ritual practice. In May 2021 police in Kayunga District had to protect a man from a mob threatening to kill him after he had allegedly killed two of his children for rituals purposes.

In July 2022 a spike was reported in human sacrifices. I’m afraid that the child sacrifice and other ritual murder cases mentioned in this report (see my July 11 posting) and the above mentioned murders are just the tip of the iceberg. After all, it is only logical to assume that not all ritual killing cases are being discovered or reported. An unknown number of children or elderly people, victims of ritualistic practices, may have disappeared without leaving traces.

Since 2021 convicted ritual murderers in Uganda may face the death penalty. In May parliament enacted the Prevention and Prohibition of Human Sacrifice Bill, 2020, which includes the capital punishment or life imprisonment for any person found guilty of human sacrifice. The bill inspired me to some reflections – see my May 7 posting.

Since the enactment of the bill a number of convicted ritual murderers have been sentenced to heavy sentences and many years in prison, but the ugly phenomenon has not been eradicated. It’s a sad reality.

Uganda: woman arrested for allegedly killing her two children in ritual sacrifice

Allegedly, another ritual murder case in Uganda. The suspect arrested, mother of the two murdered children, will undergo a psychiatric examination. In my opinion, a wise decision. If indeed she committed the crime, she must be mentally ill. If not, how could she treat her own flesh and blood that way?
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Woman arrested for allegedly killing her two children in ritual sacrifice

Published: November 2, 2023
By: Michael Wandati – DISPATCH, Uganda’s News Monthly

Jinja, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | In the Kiira region, law enforcement authorities have taken into custody a 28-year-old woman named Rose Musiya for allegedly murdering her two children in ritualistic sacrifice.

According to reports, Musiya, who resides in Buwagi cell in the Northern Division of Jinja City, has been accused of taking her children’s lives in what is believed to be an act of ritual sacrifice. Shockingly, it has come to light that she buried one of the children within their residence.

The father of the children, Magada Kyagulanyi, a casual laborer hailing from Bukunjja in Buikwe district, recounted his return home on Sunday 29, October 2023 when Musiya disclosed to him that their children had been missing for the past two days.

Kyagulanyi further stated that when the police arrived at their residence, Musiya initially feigned possession by malevolent spirits. However, under scrutiny, she eventually confessed to her involvement in the tragic incident.

Lydia Karemera, the Deputy Resident City Commissioner of Jinja North, confirmed that investigators have thoroughly examined the scene of the crime. She also mentioned that, in addition to the legal proceedings, Musiya will be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Source: Woman arrested for allegedly killing her two children in ritual sacrifice