Swaziland / eSwatini: King Mswati III warns against ritual murders 

King Mswati III has warned the nation against ritual murders committed by those who hope to be elected into parliament. He added that the disappearance of the elderly, children and people with albinism must stop. King Mswati III said this during the 15th Correctional Services Day.

Swaziland / eSwatini: King Mswati III warns against ritual murders 

Published: August 6, 2023
By: Sifiso Nhlabatsi – Eswatini Observer

His Majesty King Mswati III has warned the nation against ritual murders committed by those who hope to be elected into parliament.

He said now that elections were underway, the disappearance of the elderly children and people with albinism must stop, as there were people who kill others with the hope that they would have luck in winning political positions.

His Majesty said this during the 15th Correctional Services Day, which also marked the passing-out parade of 372 trainees.

He warned that those committing such atrocities would face the full wrath of the law and end up being guests of the correctional services.

“People cannot get into parliament by killing others,” His Majesty stated. He urged the public to make sure that they work with law enforcement agencies to curb this practice. He added that there was a need to address this cancer because it affected the core fabric of society. 
“We must live in harmony with each other.

“The violence against women and children is a cause for concern. We implore the correctional services to fully rehabilitate such offenders to reduce the chances of them relapsing into the same behaviour of crime and this goes well with today’s theme,” His Majesty stated.

When addressing the issue of inmates and elections, His Majesty said given that offenders were an integral part of society, they will return to their respective communities after completing their sentences.

He said it was in this vein that offenders were also allowed to register for the national elections, so that they can exercise their democratic right to vote for their preferred candidates to represent them in parliament.

The King said rehabilitation of offenders was a societal responsibility where the nation and the Correctional Services were expected to work hand in hand with society in ensuring that recidivism was eradicated completely.

“This process will ensure the safety of the public from criminal elements and also give an opportunity to offenders to build their characters and correct their criminal behaviour to regain the trust of their communities,” the King stated.

Stay true to oath, do not be misled – King orders

The new recruits who passed-out yesterday have been strongly warned by His Majesty King Mswati III to maintain integrity and core values as they go about their duties and refrain from behaviour that will put the Correctional services badge into disrepute.

His Majesty said the theme for the day was ‘ensuring a corrections dispensation responsive to inherent emerging socio-security challenges’.

He said to live up to this theme, it was important that the Correctional Services personnel were well equipped to respond to the day-to-day challenges.

“There is more that you must learn from officers on the ground and ahead of you, who have acquired experience over the years,” His Majesty stated.  

He said the nation noted and commended these officers for their selfless contribution and patriotic service whenever they were called upon to provide services as part of the security cluster in the country. He said government was also impressed with the commitment and dedication they always displayed when assigned to national duties.

“Correctional officers, your contribution in maintaining peace and stability in the country is appreciated,” he said.

He said the oath of service, discipline and loyalty should be the officers’ driving force. He said they needed to make good choices about life and avoid any misleading voices full of deceit. The officers were warned that they should be guided by the oath of service throughout their career, whether on-duty or them 24/7.

He said professionalism and integrity were the virtues of a good officer, which must be maintained at all times to improve the image of the department and the public perception about the officers’ work. “I commend the Correctional Services for extending various services and support to the nation.

We have heard that Emaswati are receiving professional health services from your health facilities,” His Majesty stated. He said this gesture was highly appreciated because it was in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which called for healthcare services to be in close proximity to the people.

He said such help was essential because a healthy nation is highly productive. “Furthermore, many Emaswati have benefited immensely from the various trades that you offer to the members of the public,” he said.

Source: King warns against ritual murders

Swaziland / eSwatini: Nation urged to respect human life 

Referring to my posting yesterday, focusing on King Mswati’s (prudent) condemnation of the increase in ritualistic murders in his kingdom where elections will be held later this year, I am now adding similar remarks made by Deputy National Commissioner of Police, Shadrack Simelane, during a Crime Prevention campaign held in Hlatikulu town last Wednesday. 

It is interesting to note that the Deputy National Commissioner condemned the ritual murders usually associated with the elections due to ill-conceived beliefs and practices (among other issues).

Swaziland/ eSwatini – King Mswat III

Nation urged te respect human life – Deputy National Commissioner of Police Shadrack Simelane

Published: August 6, 2023
By: Swaziland Observer

Emaswati seem to have lost the sanctity and respect of human life as more lives continue to be lost through acts of violence.

These were sentiments of Deputy National Commissioner – Shadrack Simelane, during a Crime Prevention campaign held in Hlatikulu town last Wednesday. Simelane who was representing the national commissioner of police, said crimes like murder were on the rise and it is a cause for concern.

The town off Hlatikulu is located in the south of Swaziland – eSwatini

He noted that Hlatikulu was a small area and statistics of violent crimes such as murder were alarming. Statistics indicate that between January 2022 and June 2023 at least 17 cases of murder have been recorded while 18 attempted murder incidents were investigated.

Simelane said, “It should be our collective resolve to strive for tolerance and confidence in the power of dialogue whenever a dispute arises.” He cautioned against the tendency of taking the law into one’s hands as it was not a solution but, only served as a path towards self-destruction and irreparable harm. He condemned the issue of ritual murders usually associated with the elections due to ill-conceived beliefs and practices.

The deputy national commissioner stated that crime, road carnage and social disorder problems are a threat in the country as they continue causing fear in the community. It does not only affect the quality of life among the nation, but also threatens the success and sustainability of socio-economic environment in the country.

He further stated that the police service has noted with concern an upward trend in certain crimes around Hlatikulu and surrounding areas which are posing a challenge and causing sleepless nights to the organisation.

Simelane noted that gender-based violence crimes continue to be a thorny issue as it reported with high frequency, both in urban and rural communities. He urged members of cthe public to report such criminal activity as it has severe implications on the survivors.

Between January last year and June 2023, in Hlatikulu and surrounding areas at least 82 rape cases were reported to the police. He said in such cases community and family participation is critical as the police cannot make headway without their support. He discouraged the notion of ‘tibi tendlu’ as this was a breeding ground for GBV cases.

The deputy national commissioner also expressed concern on the number of accidents that have occurred along the Yithi Abantu Highway. He stated that the number of lives lost in road accidents was worrying.

Road safety stakeholders were encouraged to join hands in finding ways that will help in the reduction and elimination of these accidents. Statistics indicate that from January 2022 to June 2023, 15 fatalities have occurred along the kaMdabula and Mehlwabovu stretch, while there were 30 serious accidents reported within the same period.

Statistics indicate that a high number of victims in these accidents are pedestrians. He said it was important that all road users be extra cautions along the problematic areas of this road. He urged all road users to show respect to one another and give each other equal opportunities on the road to avoid accidents.

“Road users are reminded to always respect rules of the road and they need to apply safety measures all times to avoid being victims of accidents” said Simelane.

The deputy national commissioner further encouraged community members to establish neighbourhood watch schemes to bring crime under control within the community. He advised all residents to practices honest-citizen habits, which involve desisting from buying/dealing in stolen property but, rather report those selling items suspected to be stolen. He said the police service continued to introduce strategies and interventions that would contribute towards the elimination of crime in the country.

“As the police service we continue to strengthen our mechanisms in a bid to clamp down on crime. This is done through, among other, interventions intensive public sensitisation through our community safety officers, who do public capacitation in communities, schools, faith-based forums including establishing and training community police.”

Simelane commended traditional leaders for the important role that they play in the fight against crime, stating that the police service was always appreciative of the relationship it has with the community. He also expressed the organization’s appreciation to all stakeholders and sponsors who supported the Hlatikulu Crime Prevention event.

Source: Nation urged to respect human life

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