South Africa: Another ritual murder?

I should emphasize that the case below concerns a suspected case of ritual killing, for muti purposes, as the article outlines. We must always be very careful in not exaggerating the issue of ritualistic killings and stick to the facts. However, muti murders are not uncommon in South Africa (and neighboring countries) and hence, the concerns and reactions of the population are sincere. Moreover, this was not the first alleged ritual killing in the region.

As stated before, governments must protects their citizens and punish the perpetrators of these heinous crimes after their guilt has been established by an independent court. (webmaster FVDK)

Published: June 2, 2019
By: Kaizer Nengovhela (Zoutnet)

Life at Ravele and surrounding areas in the Sinthumule area came to a standstill last Wednesday, following the discovery of the body of a young girl in a bush at Tshikhwani village.

Some body parts were alleged to be missing from the body, which adds to the suspicion that she was killed for muti purposes. Many questions are being asked as to who is behind the senseless and barbaric killings as this was not the first alleged ritual killing.

The girl was later identified as Mamaila Ngobeni (13), a Grade 6 pupil at Daniel Mubva Primary School. Her body was discovered by a passer-by, who alerted the community.

The young girl went missing on Sunday, 19 May. The body, when it was found, allegedly had multiple wounds and both her ears were missing.

The discovery of the body has also raised fears that an organized syndicate dealing in body parts is operating in the area. Residents say other unexplainable deaths occurred in the village, which they believe are the work of this syndicate.

Mr Elias Ngobeni, father of the deceased, said that they were not happy about the way in which the police were handling the case. He acknowledged that some parts were missing from his daughter’s body. He said that they were still waiting for the police to supply them with the autopsy report.

A community member, who commented on condition of anonymity, said that within a short space of time residents from around the village and surrounding villages had gathered at the scene to catch a glimpse of the body. He mentioned that people no longer felt safe in their own homes. “If you do not see one of your children for two to three hours, you start to wonder whether the child is still alive or not,” another resident said.

Chief Mbulaheni Ramabulana said that they were perturbed by the increasing crime in the area. “We have a duty as a community to see to it that crime disappears in our community. We have to devise means to stop this scourge,” he said.

He said the community should “help the police with information that can lead to the arrest and successful prosecution of the suspects who are responsible for this murder”. He appealed to the community to leave the school children alone to go to school.

“Fighting crime is not the duty of the police alone, but a collective task of both the police and you as the community. If you want to see police making a breakthrough in this case, give them information,” he said.

The spokesperson for the SAPS in Limpopo, Col Moatshe Ngoepe, said that the police were still waiting for the post-mortem report. “At this stage, we have no evidence linking anybody to her death. We are now appealing to members of the public to give us space to work on the case.” He also appealed to members of the community to supply information that can shed light on the incident.

The poor family do not have money to bury their beloved daughter because they rely on pension funds and they want to bury her on Sunday. Those who want to help can call Cllr Matodzi Ramushavha on 063 699 6321.

Source: Another ritual murder?

Limpopo Province in South Africa

South Africa: three elderly persons attacked on suspicion of ritual murder

Another case of rumors. Another case of superstition. Another case of mob justice. Between the lines one reads that ritualistic murders are not rare in this region of the republic of South Africa (Limpopo province): ‘With ritual murders rife in the Makonde and Khubvi villages, rumours started doing the rounds about people suspected of having taken part in the killing of the toddler.’ Gruesome reality, the fear is real. Hopefully the authorities react quickly and effectively. Ritual murders have no place in the 21st century.
(webmaster FVDK)

Three elderly persons attacked on suspicion of ritual murder

Published: November 16, 2018
By: Elmon Tshikhudo

A confused and saddened Sondaha Sikhipha, who was attacked on suspicion of involvement in the alleged ritual murder of a three-year-old child.

Three elderly people from Khubvi were seriously beaten on suspicion of being ritual murderers.

The three, who are all cattle herders, met the wrath of the angry community after the disappearance of a three-year-old boy in the village. The toddler, Ndiwakhonadzeo Mukhwathi, who was visiting the village with a relative, was last seen by his family while playing with others at a nearby playground last week.

He has not been seen since and the community, the family and the police have been searching for him at the nearby mountains and rivers, but in vain.

With ritual murders rife in the Makonde and Khubvi villages, rumours started doing the rounds about people suspected of having taken part in the killing of the toddler. On Saturday, the community held a meeting at the local hall to discuss the matter.

Headman Sondaha Sikhipha of Vumbani village said he was also invited as a traditional leader. “While at the meeting, I was surprised when I was pointed out as the killer of the child. I did not know anything about the boy’s disappearance but was beaten and forced to confess. A tyre was put around my neck and I was threatened with death. Realising that I was not giving the information they wanted, they took me to the nearby local tea plantation where a tyre was once again put around my neck, petrol poured on me and they set alight some grass nearby. They tried to push me into the burning grass, but the police arrived on time and saved me,” he said.

Sikhipha further indicated he had suffered severe injuries after being attacked with unknown objects. He added that he was a peace-loving person who had never been involved in a fight. “I know nothing about the disappearance of this boy. I was nearly killed for something that I never did, all because of lies. They took me to a prophet and the prophet indicated that I was not involved, but they are forcing me into admitting to killing the boy. I am very hurt as I speak,” said Sikhipha, who is the father of two grown-up children.

Meanwhile, sporadic incidents of road barricading and stone throwing were reported in the village during the week.

Angry residents have allegedly vowed to expel all those they had identified as ritual killers.

Limpopo police spokesperson Col Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed that some protests were taking place in the area. He said the protests were taking place sporadically and cautioned communities from taking the law into their own hands.

He appealed to the affected communities to give the search operation a chance to unfold further and to refrain from engaging in any form of violence. He added that no one had been arrested so far in connection with the attack on the three elderly residents.

“Anyone with information that can assist to locate the missing toddler is urgently asked to contact Sgt Makhavhu on 076 440 4336 or 015 960 1076, the Crime Stop number 0860 010 111, crime line SMS 32211 or to contact the nearest police station,” said Ngoepe.

Source: Three elderly persons attacked on suspicion of ritual murder

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